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William (Bill) Bell


Bill grew up in Coventry, Rhode Island and has attended Maple Root since he was a child. Growing up, his father, Henry Bell, was the pastor for 48 years. His father instilled in him a biblical way of thinking and a heart for those in need. Bill gave his life to Christ when he was 5 years old in his dad’s office listening to an evangelical radio program. Bill attended Northeastern Bible College and graduated with a B.A. in Biblical Literature. After his father retired, Bill helped to administer the church, doing everything from the weekly bulletin to finding guest speakers to organizing church events. Most recently, Bill became co-pastor in 2017. Prior to that, Bill served as a regular guest speaker on Sundays and was the church President for multiple 6-year terms. He has also been a dedicated member at Maple Root for over 40 years. Bill is extremely dedicated to Maple Root, its members, his family and the Lord. He is married to Sarah and they have 7 children. He is passionate about people and helping to bring others to Christ. Bill is extremely genuine, easy to talk to, and full of God’s love.

Daniel (Dan) Kinnaman


Dan began serving at Maple Root in 2005 as a guest speaker. In 2008 he was appointed the interim pastor and has been serving our church since then. He grew up mainly in Connecticut and gave his life to Christ when he was 4 years old. When he was in college at the University of Connecticut (B.A. Marketing) he confirmed his faith and began participating in Christian groups on campus, including the Navigators and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. He also began leading small groups as part of the Navigators Christian Ministry. Dan’s father, William Kinnaman, was also an interim pastor at Maple Root for almost two years. It was because of Dan’s father that he too began pastoring at Maple Root. Dan’s teaching has had a profound effect on our members and the community in Coventry. He is also the Baseball Chaplin for the Connecticut Tigers. Each year he dedicates a great deal of time to ministering to the players, coaches, and staff, always seeking to win them to God. Although Dan resides in Connecticut, he is extremely connected to the people at Maple Root. He often calls members and community residents in need of encouragement and the word of God. Dan is full of passion for the Bible and is an incredible example for others, always doing everything in his life as if it were directly for God. And of course, he always remembers to keep us motivated and accountable by asking us “are you reading your Bible”!


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